Outsourcing Customer Support Services

Outsourcing Customer Support Services

Today, if you want to sell an internet product, it is much better to take into account that each product has a refund policy. The repayment policy usually claims that any product can be refunded 100% for 4-8 weeks after the purchase date if the customer is not satisfied with the product. To keep your customers happy, you must organize top customer support and a good product.

What is needed for best outsourced support services?

To start with what you should do is learn their customer service. If they provide a wide range of customer support services such as email, chat or phone support, remote control, etc., you can continue to explore the site and talk about the price. Always find out what kind of customer support they provide. Will it be IT support or just simple (answers to ink).

What is the difference between customer support and technical customer care?

The big difference is that simple customer support can only answer frequently asked questions that have already prescribed answers and all types of IT issues that require additional knowledge are transferred to the technical department. But IT customer support does not require any additional departments except general programmers support (answer some very specific questions regarding the product). Like the difference is having many departments or just technical customer care department that can cover all problems but will cost less money. But sometimes you may only need a simple customer support if you sell simple product with some documentation and simple features. Companies that offer IT support can also organize simple at a lower price.

Outsourced support companies from the Philippines provide easy support only for some simple but popular products. In Ukraine, you can find an IT support organization at a reasonable price.

Is there a difference between live and ticket customer care?

Email support is when the customer sends an e-mail and then the web-based system creates a ticket. Forum threads and tickets are very common. Usually, the customer receives support from 8-12 hours (up to 24 hours). Chat Support is a chat system between support staff and a client. In this case, customer requests are answered promptly and response time is usually about 5 minutes. It may be good when you sell a product at a price that exceeds $ 50 when customers need more urgent support. The most effective is often a mix of tickets and live support when technically difficult issues are answered by email and simple questions (more requests) are answered live in chats.

The IT support service will also have additional services available. As an example, it is very good to have work reports service available. You can request a customer support service report and see how many tickets are ready today or the day before and check how many customers have problems and how often.

You should choose the best offshore customer support provider because this is absolutely crucial to your business.

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